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I worked through two NFL player strikes during my Vikings management years, and they were difficult times.

We were fearful of being laid off until new labor deals were completed, but we also believed that, even if the lay-offs occurred (and fortunately we stayed on the payroll), we eventually would return to our jobs. An ownership change creates a much greater sense of job insecurity for front office folks.

LeBron James, however, shrugged off the notion that the three-time and reigning Eastern Conference champs wanted to move the same star guard who hit the series-deciding shot in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals to deliver Cleveland its first championship in franchise history.

That makes absolutely no sense, James declares.

Asked to elaborate, James smiles politely, slings his bag over his shoulder, and exits the arena.

How did two people come away with two vastly different conclusions about the way Irving exited Cleveland?

There’s no reason to think either the injury-riddled Colts or the Bengals are capable of beating them. Baltimore will get in with a good chance to win a playoff game, especially if it faces Kansas City in the wild-card round. The Ravens are the unquestioned best of this bunch.

The best from the rest of the alive teams are the Chargers, and they have a much easier schedule in relation to that of the Titans and Bills. The Chargers were the first team to make the playoffs after starting 0-4, in 1992. It would be appropriate if they became the second team 25 years later.

A guard who can shoot off the catch, create his own shot off the dribble, and tear it up on the pick and roll is a great thing for any NBA team. For the Sixers, it’s exactly what we’re missing. Just picturing the Fultz/Embiid pick and roll makes me want to buy their respective shirsey’s, cut them in half and sew them back together to create a single Embultz super shirsey to be unveiled to a drunken Wells Fargo crowd after successful crunch time PnR’s. Hell, I get excited just imagining us with another scorer on the floor during crunch time. A guy NFL Jerseys Free Shipping who can get a bucket from all three levels doesn’t just change our offense. It changes how other Cheap NBA Jerseys teams are forced to defend us.