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Williams finished the job with a 2-yard touchdown catch on a fade pass as the Seahawks drew first blood.

Eddie Lacy got the start at running back with Thomas Rawls and C.J. Prosise both sitting out. He got the workhorse treatment on the Seahawks’ opening drive before Russell Wilson started feeding Doug Baldwin, who missed last week’s game with a minor foot injury.

Kasen Williams followed up his dominant performance against the Los Angeles Chargers with another circus catch, putting the Seahawks inside the red zone.

The last time the Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings met in a game of consequence, it was the 2016 Wild Card round. While that playoff game is still a fresh memory, these teams faced each other in the preseason last year and will do so again on Friday night. The game will be televised on NFL Network and streaming online at Watch NFL Network.

The Jets saw all they needed to see out of McCown on the first drive. He leaves the game after only four passes for 72 yards and now it’s Christian Hackenberg time.

The return of Mariota was pretty uneventful. He played two drives and finished with two completions on three attempts for 15 yards and another six rushing yards.

McCown gave the game an exciting start, but absolutely nothing happened between his exit after the first draft and halftime.

The Cardinals looked like they had a chance to scoop up a fumble and run for a touchdown, but Connor Cook came with the hit stick that nearly forced a fumble of his own.

Cooper Kupp got his first reception in a Rams uniform and then a few plays later got his first touchdown. He probably didn’t think it would come via fumble recovery, though.

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NCAA Baseball Tournament 2017 scores and bracket: Florida advances after 24-hours’ worth of rain delays

Atrocious weather ripped through north Florida Sunday, delaying the Tallahassee super regional’s second game for seven and a half hours, then entirely washing out the Gainesville super in the middle of the sixth inning. All eight supers were done by end of day Sunday except Gainesville, so Florida and Wake Forest needed to make amends on Monday. Florida took Saturday night’s opener, 2-1, in 11 innings.

That gas wouldn’t last long, though, as LSU completely broke down in the fifth inning, committing two errors to plate two Beavers runs. The blunders costs the Tigers two arms, as Gilbert went down then Nick Bush and Todd Peterson after him, andPaul Mainieri brought on Hunter Newman in the top of the sixth.

In a word, Newman did not do well. He in fact gave up seven runs, four of which came astride the first grand slam in TD Ameritrade’s six-year history. Monday’s LSU team looked nothing like the Tigers of Saturday, whose stellar defense and clutch pitching shut down FSU for one of the best games of the tournament.

The terror didn’t end for LSU there, though, as Oregon State knocked in two more runs in the top of the eighth off of Austin Bain, the Tigers’ seventh pitcher of the night. Third baseman Josh Smith bumbled a diving catch on a grounder to allow runners to move over to second and third, then Cadyn Grenier swung them home on a blooper to right that Greg Deichmann couldn’t field. This was by then very much a rout of a very good baseball team.

As it was, though, LSU did manage a run in the bottom of the seventh, but it had no life after the preceding onslaught. Oregon State ended the game with a double play, and thus the Beavers are dancing the winners’ bracket with two wins.

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It was an early field goal fandango in Buffalo until we got a couple of touchdowns in the second half.

It’s not just a couple of bad throws, either. Those reactions from his teammates are an accurate reflection of how most have described Bortles’ entire camp. On Sunday, he was benched in practice after a pair of interceptions, but Jaguars coach Doug Marrone had an explanation for that.

I just saw that his arm looked tired, Marrone said, via the Associated Press. Rather than push him knowing he was going to get all the reps that we needed for these next couple of days, I just said, ‘Hey, it’s my decision.’ He said, ‘Hey, I’m good. I can go.’ I said, ‘Look, let’s just be smart.’

Marrone is right about one part of that: It’s time for the Jaguars to be smart. Starting Bortles is not smart.

It was an early field goal fandango in Buffalo until we got a couple of touchdowns in the second half. Case Keenum played the bulk of the snaps and had a pretty good day. He finished 11 of 16 for 121 yards, and the Vikings get the win.

Jalen Collins, who started the Super Bowl for an injured Desmond Trufant and is facing a 10-game suspension for PEDs, just fell apart in the fourth quarter. Dolphins win!

Things were better for the Falcons early, as they tend to be. They converted fourth-and-1 with a short pass from Matt Ryan to Devonta Freeman for a score.

Thomas’ rookie campaign was so impressive it allowed New Orleans to jettison Brandin Cooks, coming off back-to-back 1,100-yard campaigns, to the Patriots in a pre-draft trade. Now, the Saints’ No. 1 wideout role belongs to the former Ohio State standout, and he looks extremely capable of fulfilling expectations in year two. Thomas had 1,137 receiving yards and nine touchdowns despite making only 12 starts last fall. Expect him to be even better in 2017.

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Rodgers enjoys accumulating football knowledge over his impressive collection of scotches.

Tyrion Lannister: In October, Rodgers told reporters that he planned to have a glass of scotch and chill out a little bit while he watches film. That sounds a lot like Tyrion, a clever, quick-witted character who isn’t afraid to admit how much he enjoys drinking.

That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.

Rodgers enjoys accumulating football knowledge over his impressive collection of scotches. He knows plenty of things and even won Celebrity Jeopardy! with all his trivia knowledge. It sounds like he and Tyrion would get along just fine.

According to Triplett, this was not the first instance of frustration with the medical staff, and head coach Sean Payton was livid over the latest issue. Saints linebacker Dannell Ellerbe and ex-defenders Jairus Byrd and Keenan Lewis also sat out longer than expected after injuries, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Lewis wrote in a post on Instagram he felt he still would be on New Orleans’ roster had it not been for Jones.

Thank God and I’m not talking about Dr. Sari cause he is an assistant. I’m bless this foolishness come to a end and my prayers have been answered. I wish they would’ve believed me instead of going [off] his reports, I probably still would be on the 53 man roster. I’m glad another player don’t have to suffer like I did #thank you lord truly appreciate it. I hope the NFL take this serious and handle my case correct for real.

Over the years we’ve always really heightened the competition, which is part of the way we do it, which we’re still doing, but there’s a line to be drawn there and also an understanding of how we do represent one another.

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Davidson is your new favorite college baseball tournament team

The Davidson Wildcats are the darlings of this year’s college baseball tournament, and by rights they have no business being in the super regional round. But here they are.

Davidson came into No. 2 overall national seed North Carolina’s regional in Chapel Hill as the 4 seed. They beat the second-best team in the country on the tournament’s opening day, 8-4. Center fielder Cam Johnson blasted in three RBI, and the Wildcats needed not a single home run to best their hosts.

In the first winners bracket game, they faced down hard-hitting, pesky Florida Gulf Coast, 2-1, in a game that doesn’t feel as close as the score would indicate. Slinger Evan Roberts gave eight stellar innings on the mound, earning just the one run and throwing 67 strikes on 90 pitches. Again, no homers were required to hand FGCU its first loss of the round.

Injuries are always bad news, but Harvey has also struggled plenty in 2017, and this isn’t the first instance of his velocity dropping or performance suffering due to health, either. So a few weeks of rest might be good for Harvey in the long run, even if it’s a negative in the present. Who knows how long and in what ways this scapula bone issue was manifesting itself before this literal breaking point: Maybe it’s tied into his drop in strikeouts, the rise in walks and homers, and his 5.25 ERA.

It also might have nothing to do with any of that, but we’ll have a better idea of just what Harvey’s issue is after he’s recovered from this injury and can get on the mound again. Both Harvey and the Mets need to figure it out soon, though, whether you think 2017 is a lost cause or not.

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The NFLPA released a statement Friday.

If there’s one reason to believe Bortles won’t tank an otherwise good roster, it’s that Marrone seems determined not to let him.

Marrone, asked how many times a game quarterback Blake Bortles will ideally throw next season, said his answer was simple: Zero. He said he wasn’t joking about this, and he wasn’t smiling when he said it. For me, I’d like to run the ball every play, Marrone said. I want to go back to the old way. I want to change the game.
After drafting Leonard Fournette with the No. 4 pick in the 2017 NFL draft, the Jaguars’ game plan looks like it will be leaning heavily on the rookie running back.

While the Jaguars won’t literally run on every play, the team ran the ball 37 times against the New England Patriots in a preseason game last week and threw the ball 18 times.

The NFLPA also released a statement Friday.

We are reviewing the decision and have been in touch with Ezekiel and his representatives to consider all options.

Elliott has continually denied accusations of domestic assault that were leveled against him last July. He was not arrested and no charges were filed by authorities, but the NFL launched its own investigation.

It’s standard process for the NFL to conduct an independent investigation into any domestic violence allegations to determine whether a player violated the personal conduct policy. A player can be disciplined under the league’s policy even if he hasn’t faced legal charges.

In a July 2016 report filed with the Columbus, Ohio police department, a woman who identified herself as Elliott’s former girlfriend claimed that he attacked her several times over the course of a week, including an assault that allegedly took place while she was sitting in the driver’s seat of her car. In addition to filing a report, the woman posted photos to her Instagram page showing bruises on her leg, arms, hand, and neck.

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2017 could be the most important year of Malcolm Butler’s career.

With one expensive corner on the roster Gilmore signed for five years and $65 million this offseason Butler could be the kind of expensive luxury the Patriots have typically avoided. While the franchise has handled its cap space carefully, Jimmy Garoppolo will be due a big raise should he be retained, and he could be the recipient of the franchise tag the club could otherwise use to keep Butler in the fold.

Coming from a player who single-handedly swung a Super Bowl and ensured he’d never have to buy his own drinks in New England again, that’s a big deal.

For those who haven’t watched Game of Thrones, this isn’t an easy question. It’s not a sitcom like Friends with six main characters and then minor ones who only the hardcore fans would know.

Characters die and get replaced by new ones all the time in the cutthroat world of Westeros. There are about 25 different answers to Rodgers’ question that wouldn’t be that obscure. And that’s assuming he picked one who’s still alive.

But there are a few characters who stand out, and judging by what we know about Rodgers, we can take our best stab at it.

It was really stepping out of line, Carroll said of Clark’s actions. We had talked (at the start of camp about how) fights aren’t OK and we weren’t going to allow that to happen in any way, and then when something did break out, we pounced on it, on the opportunity to understand that everybody is on your team. This is one team; it isn’t offense, defense.

Clearly, this was unacceptable to Carroll who made it clear that while he appreciates a healthy competition, will not tolerate this kind of behavior. Ifedi, a frequent instigator, may also need to reel in his behavior on the practice field. Hopefully this is the last we will hear of these kinds of fights.

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NFL scores 2017: Results, highlights, and news from Aug. 10

Philadelphia got on the board first when Carson Wentz hit Mack Hollins for a 38-yard touchdown, but the two-point conversion attempt failed. Once the Packers started rolling, they didn’t look back.

A 68-yard punt return gave Green Bay its first points of the game. The Packers followed it up with a Jeff Janis touchdown from Brett Hundley.

DeShone Kizer was by far the best quarterback who took the field for the Browns, and he was the team’s third-string option. A 45-yard Kizer touchdown pass sealed the win for Cleveland.

Seahawks practices have a reputation for being tense in the first place. And fights in the trenches between offensive and defensive linemen at camp aren’t all that unusual. Defensive tackle Frank Clark crossed the line on Thursday, Aug. 3. Punches were thrown, or at least one punch was thrown and landed.

It started with two other linemen pushing and shoving. In the ensuing scuffle, Clark decked Ifedi, who ended up on the ground with a bloody mouth.

This one sounded less like a fight and more like branding exercise. The Colts, you see, want to get tougher this year so they’re having tougher practices, whatever that means.

On the other side, 49ers rookie C.J. Beathard looked good too. He led the team out of a 17-9 deficit with an 18-0 win in the fourth quarter for San Francisco. Beathard finished with seven completions on 11 passes for 101 yards with two touchdowns.

Things didn’t go as smoothly for Joshua Dobbs in Pittsburgh, but he bounced back from two early interceptions with some nice connections with Cobi Hamilton, including a 28-yard touchdown.

Altogether, the quarterback class from the 2017 NFL Draft is off to a strong start.

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The Jets have rock-bottom expectations heading into the season

Miko Grimes is smart, outspoken, profane, and clearly dedicated to her husband, cornerback Brent Grimes. (If you haven’t read Jack Dickey’s profile of the couple for Sports Illustrated, I recommend it.) It’s easy to see why her personality could be off-putting to NFL front offices or fans, but for a league that attempts to tamp down anything resembling a personality, I find her candor refreshing.

And while I don’t doubt the love that she and Brent share, I do suspect that like many other spouses throughout world history Brent occasionally tunes his partner out. Here he is at the beginning of a Miko monologue (Mikologue?), 16 minutes and 6 seconds into the episode:

The camera cuts to some game action of Brent, then back to the couple, where Brent is still staring a thousand yards away, then to more action, then back to Miko talking and Brent is farther away from Earth than any human has traveled. He is hurtling through space with Pioneer 9.

The Jets have rock-bottom expectations heading into the season, and things could get truly ugly if Christian Hackenberg doesn’t show any signs of progress. Last year’s second-round pick should see plenty of snaps in the preseason opener against the Titans, if only because Josh McCown is an aging veteran and Bryce Petty is firmly at No. 3 on the depth chart. If it’s anything like Hackenberg’s training camp performances, we could be in for a bumpy ride.

The Titans, on the other hand, have a legit franchise QB in Marcus Mariota, who will get the start but only play a handful of snaps. Mariota is fully recovered from the broken leg that ended his 2016 season early, but Tennessee is wisely playing it safe with his health. The bigger injury concern is first-round rookie Corey Davis, who is week to week with a pulled hamstring.

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NFL scores 2017: Results, highlights, and news from Aug. 12

Nearly seven minutes into the first quarter, the Raiders are finally going to get a possession. The Cardinals opened the game with a 14-play, 70-yard touchdown drive capped by a touchdown pass from Carson Palmer to Brittan Golden.

A drill matched up the team’s top receiver and top corner; jawing ensued. They weren’t done. Hilton beat Davis to score not long after that, and they locked up again. No punches were thrown, and it didn’t take long for their teammates and coaches to intervene. Davis managed to stay on top of the receiver after the two went down, so we’ll give him the win.

The Bengals weren’t supposed to be tackling for this particular drill, but since when has that stopped Burfict. He tackled running back Gio Bernard and went low for his knees. Bernard just started practicing because he’s been recovering from a torn ACL last season.

The Patriot Way includes no shortcuts. New England’s new corner was reportedly holding Edelman, who took exception and wrestled him to the ground. It looked more like a hockey fight. Helmets came off and they tussled around for a little bit before finally being separated.

Bill Belichick threw them out of practice. Asked about the fight by SB Nation’s Thomas George, an older, wiser Rob Gronkowski explained why he avoids practice field scuffles.

Butler’s chance for a payday comes in 2018, but the upcoming season is more than that. The streaky corner has maintained radio silence when it comes to his upcoming contract year, instead setting the stage for his play to do the talking. So far, his physical coverage alongside free-agent pickup Stephon Gilmore has made Bill Belichick very happy. It’s clear he’s bought into the Patriot way — for 2017, at least.

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