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There aren’t many perfect works of art in the world

Miko talks about how she always gets a hotel room in the same hotel as the Bucs when they travel. She talks about how sex with him is part of that routine, and when she says hanky-panky nothing in his eyes brightens or shows any recognition that he was ever human.

The screencap above is from 16 minutes and 32 seconds into the episode, just before he escapes the Sunken Place. So for TWENTY-SIX SECONDS, Brent’s brain checked out, went to the grocery store, and came back with a gallon of milk. And I’m happy to give any married person the benefit of the doubt when it comes to listening to every word your partner says, but this was for a sit-down, on-camera interview.

The Starry Night. The Godfather. Kind of Blue. There aren’t many perfect works of art in the world, but those 26 seconds of Hard Knocks are right up there.

A Vikings punt pinned the Seahawks at their own 2-yard line, but Mike Davis broke for a 38-yard run to give Seattle breathing room. The Seahawks eventually set up Walsh for another field goal, going up by 14 points.

Of course, Walsh couldn’t turn down an opportunity to throw some shade on his former team after making field goals.

Another near-interception for Seattle, this time with Neiko Thorpe failing to make the catch. Both teams have their backups in by this point.

The last game of the night sees the Raiders taking on the Cardinals. Oakland’s big offseason move was luring Marshawn Lynch out of retirement, but he’ll probably get the veteran treatment and sit this game out. DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richard will battle for the backup spot, which could be one to watch given Lynch’s recent injury history. Bruce Arians didn’t play most of his starers in the Hall of Fame Game and that might be the case again here. Blaine Gabbert could get a chance to build on his solid performance last week and win the No. 2 quarterback job from Drew Stanton.

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The woman cooperated with the NFL’s investigation

Alex Smith tops the list here. If he’s on the Jaguars to start the season, this team pushes for an AFC South title.

For context, the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills were the only teams that finished the 2016 season with more rushing attempts than passes. The Cowboys finished with 499 rushes and 483 passes, while the Bills had 492 rushes and 474 passes.

If Jacksonville leans on the ground game in the regular season anywhere close to the way it did in its preseason opener, the team just needs a quarterback who can avoid turnovers and occasionally take advantage of defenses crowding the line of scrimmage.

The woman cooperated with the NFL’s investigation, which lasted over a year. Four expert advisors from outside the league assisted the investigation: Peter Harvey, a former attorney general for New Jersey; Kenneth Houston, a Pro Football Hall of Famer; Tonya Lovelace, CEO of the Women of Color Network, Inc.; and Mary Jo White, former U.S Attorney. Elliott met with the advisors in June.

In a letter sent to Elliott by Todd Jones, the league’s special counsel for conduct, it said those advisors were of the view that there is substantial and persuasive evidence supporting a finding that [Elliott] had been physically violent with the woman.

McCaffrey had just five touches, but tallied 33 rushing yards, 39 receiving yards, and scored a touchdown of his own.

Both players should play prominent roles in 2017 and absolutely nobody who watched college football in the last two years should be surprised by that.

One of the biggest criticisms of Dak Prescott last season was that he didn’t find Dez Bryant enough. On the opening drive, Dak and the Cowboys offense went 95 yards down the field, capped off with a Dak-to-Dez touchdown.

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Florida pitcher drops thunderous F-bomb on ESPN after learning about rain delay

Florida and Wake Forest’s super regional tilt in Gainesville has been plagued by downright foul weather. The opener on Saturday night underwent a four-hour rain delay mid-game before the Gators prevailed in 11 innings, then the Sunday Game 2 had to be suspended into Monday in the sixth inning. Wake ended up winning the second bout, forcing a Monday rubber match to decide the eighth and final College World Series team.

I may not hold a Ph.D in math, but if I can recall the days where I watched Sesame Street with Count von Count, that’s one, one finger … two, two fingers … three, three fingers … four, four fabulous fingers, ha ha ha.

I don’t see a middle finger. What kind of cruel, sick world do we live in if Mr. Met gets in trouble for giving someone the middle finger if he doesn’t have one?

It’s clear Mr. Met is the victim here. A lifetime of anguish as a Mets fan set the kindling, the abuse of jumping through character assessment hoops to get to even put on that giant baseball head sparked the flint, and then the Mets 2017 season blew the whole danged thing up.

Erick Aybar was lauded earlier in this article for being consistent. He is currently the Padres’ starting shortstop. You can guess what happened.

The Yankees have been the best at finding shortstops, but you expected that. The Padres were not, and you probably expected that, too, if unaware of the scale. In between were 28 different teams, and you can find their attempts below. Thanks for shortstopping with me!

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