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Roquan Smith skips bench while trying to build up strength in his shoulder

Georgia linebacker Roquan Smith ran an official 4.51 in the 40-yard dash. He will participate in the other drills, too, after passing on the bench press.

I’m getting like 18 reps right now, Smith said. Just coming back from a shoulder injury last year in February. I got back in May and built up enough strength to play throughout the season, and then throughout the course of the season, you’re not able to actually build up strength. Then, we ended the season in January. I’m not an 18-rep guy, so I didn’t want to put out that showing when I know I can do something a lot better.

Elliott made several unsavory headlines since the Cowboys drafted him in the first round in 2016. He ended up serving a six-game suspension last season for alleged domestic violence.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was outspoken in his support of Elliott, insisting the punishment was unfair. Other NFL owners now are asking Jones to pay the legal fees the league incurred during Elliott’s appeal after the Cowboys’ general counsel issued an affidavit in support of Elliott, who was not arrested or charged.

Jones, who meets with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday, has doubled down, maintaining Elliott did nothing to warrant a suspension. At the same time, Jones said the punishment will serve as a guidepost for Elliott.

He’s paid the most level of punishment that I’ve seen for what he did, Jones said, via Kate Hairopoulos of the Dallas Morning News. So he’s done that. That would make any of us cognizant of the fact that you have serious accountability for any situation that you get into.

. . . And it’s costly, and it’s certainly cost him. It’s cost him. So he’s smart; he is smart. And so we should have every reason to believe that that will be a constant reminder when you’re making decisions. I think that’s the case.

When the season was over, I was thinking about what I wanted to do next, because I know my career is coming to a close, Hawley said. So I decided I’m going to get rid of everything I own, give it away to charity, families in need. I bought a van recently and I’m going to move into this van, travel the country and live out of it.

Hawley plans to chronicle his adventures by blog and vlog and whatever else the kids use nowadays.

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The biggest problems with Richard Sherman’s self-representation

Why should anyone care about this? (Peter King recently characterized the outcry over Sherman’s self-negotiated contract as weird.) If Sherman representing himself were an isolated occurrence, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But Sherman and Chargers left tackle Russell Okung, both of whom are members of the NFLPA Executive Committee, have embarked on a crusade to get more and more players to negotiate their own contracts, apparently because they believe that agents officially dubbed Certified Contract Advisors by the NFLPA should be providing a much wider array of services in exchange for the fee that they earn by (wait for it) advising players regarding their contracts, and by actively negotiating them.

Consider the current gap between the maximum and minimum spending levels. At a salary cap of $178 million per team, $19.58 million need not be spent, per team. With 32 teams in the league, that’s $626.56 million per year potentially robbed from the rich and given to the richer.

This doesn’t mean every team will spend the bare minimum if players represent themselves. But the total expenditures will be far closer to the minimum than the maximum if the players don’t have skilled agents getting each of them the most money possible, as part of the collective effort to force as many owners as possible to spend not to the floor, but to the cap.

With the second overall pick, Gettleman could have any heir he chose to succeed Eli Manning, or more likely, have the most valuable trade chip in the market for all the teams that have a more immediate need for a quarterback.

Are we open for business? Gettleman said with a grin last week at the Scouting Combine. Any decision I make is going to be in the best interest of the New York Giants, plain and simple. If someone makes me an offer I can’t refuse, would I move back? It depends upon who is there.

The Giants have multiple needs, but there’s no sense that they’re prepared to move on from Manning anytime soon. So if someone wanted to get to the second pick to have their choice of the quarterbacks, it’s clear Gettleman will listen.

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Jets have yet to announce Teddy Bridgewater deal

There’s a chance Teddy and the Jets will never actually become a thing.

As MDS pointed out this morning during the morning PFT staff meeting (actually, we don’t have meetings; we just email and text whenever), the Jets have not yet announced the signing of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. They have, however, announced the signings of other unrestricted free agents: cornerback Trumaine Johnson, running back Isaiah Crowell, kicker Cairo Santos.

Or maybe Bridgewater’s camp had caught wind of the trade efforts, opting thereafter to slow play the situation and ultimately to not sign a contract, now that the Jets have gotten themselves into even better position to take a high-profile rookie quarterback who would make Bridgewater’s presence on the roster potentially moot.

Whatever the case, there’s a reason for the team’s failure to announce the signing of Bridgewater or the placement of his name on the official roster. Soon, we’ll all likely know what it is.

Now, the process has developed to the point where the tampering still happens before the negotiating window opens, but typically without numbers being exchanged. When the negotiating window opens, agents know what to expect by way of offers. And then, after an initial period of inactivity, the floodgates open.

This year, the official launch of free agency became anticlimactic, with all of the biggest deals essentially done the day before the clock struck 4:00 p.m. ET. After that, it became a matter simply of crossing t’s and dotting i’s.

Of course, it wasn’t quite so simple for Ravens receiver Ryan Grant, whose four-year, $29 million contract imploded based upon a failed physical, a coincidental (maybe convenient) development given the sudden availability of receiver Michael Crabtree.

So maybe the NFL should consider changing the rules, creating a period of a week or so for visits but no negotiations, followed either by open season. That way, physicals can be passed (or failed) before deals are done, and players and teams can get acquainted before commitments are made.

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