NFL scores 2017: Results, highlights, and news from Aug. 12

Nearly seven minutes into the first quarter, the Raiders are finally going to get a possession. The Cardinals opened the game with a 14-play, 70-yard touchdown drive capped by a touchdown pass from Carson Palmer to Brittan Golden.

A drill matched up the team’s top receiver and top corner; jawing ensued. They weren’t done. Hilton beat Davis to score not long after that, and they locked up again. No punches were thrown, and it didn’t take long for their teammates and coaches to intervene. Davis managed to stay on top of the receiver after the two went down, so we’ll give him the win.

The Bengals weren’t supposed to be tackling for this particular drill, but since when has that stopped Burfict. He tackled running back Gio Bernard and went low for his knees. Bernard just started practicing because he’s been recovering from a torn ACL last season.

The Patriot Way includes no shortcuts. New England’s new corner was reportedly holding Edelman, who took exception and wrestled him to the ground. It looked more like a hockey fight. Helmets came off and they tussled around for a little bit before finally being separated.

Bill Belichick threw them out of practice. Asked about the fight by SB Nation’s Thomas George, an older, wiser Rob Gronkowski explained why he avoids practice field scuffles.

Butler’s chance for a payday comes in 2018, but the upcoming season is more than that. The streaky corner has maintained radio silence when it comes to his upcoming contract year, instead setting the stage for his play to do the talking. So far, his physical coverage alongside free-agent pickup Stephon Gilmore has made Bill Belichick very happy. It’s clear he’s bought into the Patriot way — for 2017, at least.

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