2017 could be the most important year of Malcolm Butler’s career.

With one expensive corner on the roster Gilmore signed for five years and $65 million this offseason Butler could be the kind of expensive luxury the Patriots have typically avoided. While the franchise has handled its cap space carefully, Jimmy Garoppolo will be due a big raise should he be retained, and he could be the recipient of the franchise tag the club could otherwise use to keep Butler in the fold.

Coming from a player who single-handedly swung a Super Bowl and ensured he’d never have to buy his own drinks in New England again, that’s a big deal.

For those who haven’t watched Game of Thrones, this isn’t an easy question. It’s not a sitcom like Friends with six main characters and then minor ones who only the hardcore fans would know.

Characters die and get replaced by new ones all the time in the cutthroat world of Westeros. There are about 25 different answers to Rodgers’ question that wouldn’t be that obscure. And that’s assuming he picked one who’s still alive.

But there are a few characters who stand out, and judging by what we know about Rodgers, we can take our best stab at it.

It was really stepping out of line, Carroll said of Clark’s actions. We had talked (at the start of camp about how) fights aren’t OK and we weren’t going to allow that to happen in any way, and then when something did break out, we pounced on it, on the opportunity to understand that everybody is on your team. This is one team; it isn’t offense, defense.

Clearly, this was unacceptable to Carroll who made it clear that while he appreciates a healthy competition, will not tolerate this kind of behavior. Ifedi, a frequent instigator, may also need to reel in his behavior on the practice field. Hopefully this is the last we will hear of these kinds of fights.

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