Dallas’ bid to host 2018 NFL Draft jeopardized by transgender bathroom bill

Should it be passed by Texas state legislators, a law requiring people to use the bathroom that corresponds to the sex on their birth certificates could prevent Dallas from being chosen as host of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Dallas News reports.

North Carolina dealt with major consequences when its lawmakers passed a similar bill. The state lost several sports events, including the NBA All-Star Game and ACC football championship, in addition to the expansion of businesses and concerts.

Palmer’s accuracy on deep passes slipped from 2015, when he was among the league’s best. When asked why the Cardinals did not have as much success throwing the deep ball last year, Arians cited two reasons: an injury-plagued season by speedy receiver John Brown and that former Cardinals wideout Michael Floyd dropped “about five” deep passes.

“We have a lot of really good offense that isn’t throwing the ball 40 yards down the field,” Palmer told reporters, via The Associated Press. “We have so much good stuff where we can create mismatches underneath that that’s the most important — getting the ball out quick, not taking sacks, not holding onto the ball and making their guys tackle our guys.”

The Cardinals went from 13-3 in 2015 to 7-8-1 last year, but Top Cheap Jerseys Palmer still threw for 4,233 yards with 26 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in 15 games.

As for his age, Palmer said it just means he has plenty of experience. But such positives are sometimes overshadowed by Beckham’s emotional game-day outbursts and off-field UK Cheap Jerseys decisions that raise questions about his maturity and whether a potential Hall of Fame career will get detailed.

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