Russell Wilson praises Colin Kaepernick as person, player

Russell Wilson sounds like he would have enjoyed having Colin Kaepernick as a teammate.

That’s not going to happen now, of course, as Seattle coach Pete Carroll said Friday the team has no plans to sign the controversial quarterback as a backup to Wilson.

He’s not an aging extra defensive back a la Jones, or an oft banged-up outside linebacker such as Burfict. In terms of faces of the franchise, running back comes with a much higher profile. Andy Dalton and A.J. Green have gotten a fair share of attention as the principal cast members on offense, but circumstances in Cincinnati now have Mixon front and center.

Coach Marvin Lewis can’t ever shake the heat on the second-chance reputation the team has developed. That’s especially true when he says things like the league’s looser celebration rules don’t set a “very good example for young people.”

But beyond what may seem like semi-hypocrisy, that’s the identity of Cincinnati. It can’t be hidden. Nothing going forward with this regime can change that rep.

The Bengals have gotten mixed results on Jones and Burfict. They’ve been key defensive performers at times, but they still are remembered more for the meltdown that cost Extremely Cheap Jerseys Cincinnati that ever-elusive playoff win vs. the Steelers in 2015.

There’s no room for a mix with Mixon. His misstep, in today’s NFL, comes with a much bigger — and deserved — dark cloud than Jones and Burfict’s respective issues. He needs to be a model citizen Find Cheap Jerseys Online off the field and an impact player on it.

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